Living With Ease

An extension of her TikTok videos, “Living With Ease” will allow Callie to get into the details of her life past the 60 seconds she has been sharing thus far. Touching on issues such as toxic relationships, her out-of-control college years, passing the bar, law school, turning her life around, and helping others, Living With Ease will give Callie’s besties an inside look at what is really going on inside her head.

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Friday Mar 29, 2024

Honestly, it’s impossible to stick to a life plan these days. Listen as Callie and Celia talk about the many twists and turns their lives have taken as they discover it's actually about the journey, not the destination.

Sipping & Spilling With Ease

Friday Mar 22, 2024

Friday Mar 22, 2024

It’s time for another Q&A, bestie edition. Callie and Celia attempt to answer your questions, and if they don’t want to spill, they have to sip. Tune in to hear what gets answered and what stays under wraps (this time around).

Friday Mar 15, 2024

Callie joins forces with her new roommate and oldest friend. Tune in for the first episode of Living With Ease 2.0 where Callie and Celia share their most cringe stories and the hard-hitting lessons that come along with them.

Friday Mar 01, 2024

This week, Callie shares her best advice on how to get out of a deep depression. Of course, there is also lots of tea regarding situationships, a potential serial killer, and the Virgo full moon.

Friday Feb 23, 2024

On this week’s episode, we’re going down memory lane and admitting things that will probably make you feel a lot better about your own cringe-worthy moments. Listen in as Callie learns to laugh instead of cry with ease.

Friday Feb 16, 2024

Tune in for this week’s Q&A, as well as some juicy updates on the apartment hunt and why Callie’s neighbors think she got arrested.

Friday Feb 02, 2024

This week on Living With Ease, Callie tours a seemingly normal apartment. Unfortunately, the energy was deeply cursed, and everyone could feel it.

Friday Jan 26, 2024

This week on Living With Ease, Callie hosts a bestie check-in and tells us why she is currently in Cabo on her first solo vacation ever.

Saturday Jan 20, 2024

Breakups are honestly the worst. Listen in as Callie recounts her toughest breakup in detail and how she bounced back with ease.

Restarting My 2024 With Ease

Friday Jan 12, 2024

Friday Jan 12, 2024

Not every new year needs to start on the 1st. Tune in to hear why Callie is resetting her 2024 after some questionable decisions from the first weekend of the year. 


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